Banks & Non-Banking Financial Institutions

If you’re a bank or NBFI, your clients have placed their trust in you. That’s why you should place your trust in us. We ensure that our suite of product offerings bring tangible benefits, including reduced risk, streamlined processes, transparency, lowered downtime and customisable solutions. win-win situation!


Our e-commerce clientele includes some of the biggest international and pan Indian brands. The money collected on ‘Cash-On-Delivery’ orders amounts to almost half the daily business. We ensure that this is collected, consolidated, safely transported and banked in the shortest time possible.


As a retailer, you’d want to spend valuable time promoting your business, rather than handling cash logistics – given that people across the country are still comfortable paying for your goods and services in cash. How do we fit in? We’ll collect the cash from every outlet, transport and bank it for you, helping you save – and make – money!

Oil & Gas

We service some of the biggest Indian and international petroleum conglomerates, collecting their countrywide cash payments from each gas station. Using an optimum cash-in-transit schedule, we ensure that the money reaches banks in the shortest possible time, keeping our clients happy, safe and profitable.


With insurance being a sector that churns out good numbers in terms of cash, we offer your insurance company increased operational efficiency and savings. Not only can you eliminate the need to train your employees in complicated cash handling procedures, you also save them a trip to the bank, reducing both time and risk. It’s a win-win situation!