We cater to broad set of outsourcing requirements pertaining to cash management services for banks, financial institutions, organized retail and e-commerce companies in India. We operate our business across five verticals, namely

Rear Inner View

Cash pick-up and delivery

Our range of services under this segment consist of collection and delivery of cash on behalf of our clients from the end user. Based on volumes, multiple modes of transport are used for movement of cash and valuables, two wheelers, hired vehicles and specially fabricated armoured vans. Our average daily volume of cash moved from all customers in the three months ended June 30, 2021, Fiscal 2021, Fiscal 2020 and Fiscal 2019 was ₹ 3,509 million, ₹ 3,649 million, ₹ 4,303 million and ₹ 3,771 million.

Cash-in-transit is another service, where we undertake pick-up and delivery on specific requests made by our clients.

Network Currency Management

Network Currency Management

Our services under this segment consist of cash collection from end user and deposit into our current accounts and subsequent transfer to the client’s accounts either on the same day or on the next working day. We believe that our network of more than 42,000 touch points and a wide network of bank accounts with various banks across the country, allows us to offer a unique value proposition to our clients, especially private sector and foreign banks, with limited branch networks.

POS Invoicing & Cash Management

Cash processing

As an integrated RCM service provider, we also offer value added cash processing services to our clients. These primarily are in the nature of our trained executives sorting the notes into categories such as soiled, mutilated, fit, issuable, counterfeit, ATM-ready bundles, etc.

Cash & Goods Escort Services

Cash Vans & Cash in Transit

We also offer specially fabricated armoured vans, on long term or ad-hoc hire for movement of cash or bullion within our client’s network

Asset Storage & Management

Other value added services

We also offer man-behind counter and currency chest operations to large retail stores and banks. As on July 31, 2021, we had 11 vaults each with a capacity to hold up to ₹ 500 million in currency, 16 strong rooms, each with a capacity to hold up to ₹ 200 million in currency, and 28 safes, each with a capacity to hold up to ₹ 100 million in currency